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The following terms and conditions shall apply to all trading between PM Dental Studio Ltd (‘PMDS’), whose registered office is Ralli Hall, 81 Denmark Villas, Hove, BN3 3TH, UK, and the dentist or laboratory or any other customer (‘client’) with regards to custom made dental appliances (‘work’, ‘product’) from PMDS. The dental patient is not considered a party to the agreement between the client and PMDS.


All dental products created at PMDS are guaranteed for a period of two years, in as much that quality materials have been used during the manufacturing process and that our production process has been followed. If within the guarantee period the product proves defective in circumstances of normal use, a replacement will be provided free of charge by PMDS. The guarantee does not cover any defect arising from incorrect prescription or fitting, or use other than prescribed for the patient.

The guarantee becomes invalid if the patient does not receive their annual dental check-up or in case of restoration failure due to oral health problems. Damage caused by physical trauma or impact (for instance due to high risk sports) is excluded from our product guarantees. We reserve the right to refuse a guarantee where we believe that the requested product may not last the guarantee period due to its particular circumstances. If instructed to continue with these cases, we will do so. However, in the event that the requested work fails, we will expect to be paid in full for the work supplied.

In the event that the prescriber has supplied some of the materials etc. for incorporation in a particular custom-made product, then this product cannot be guaranteed to fully meet with the applicable essential requirements.


Dental products are constructed to the specification supplied by the client. By fitting a product in the patient’s mouth, the client accepts that PMDS has produced the product to the specification and satisfaction of the client. PMDS cannot guarantee any dental product which is based on a faulty model. If, when casting the models, PMDS determines that the quality of the impression is not good enough to continue the work, PMDS will contact the client to discuss a solution. A new impression may be needed and, if so, remakes as a result of using a faulty impression, may result in new charges being applied.

PMDS endeavours to interpret and follow client’s instructions correctly. If, however, a mistake is made, PMDS will rectify the situation free of charge as quickly as production processes allow. PMDS will not compensate dentist’s fees, consequential losses or expenses of any kind. The client is responsible for any additional costs or charges incurred through changing instructions or delivery dates after the work has been accepted by PMDS.

PMDS is not liable for any choking hazard caused by any manufactured dental product, due to faulty prescription, poor fitting or misuse. Any work returned for remake where the shade is different to the original order, will incur some cost. This extra cost will never exceed the total amount charged for the original order. A dental appliance that fits the master model poured from the original impression supplied by client and which is created to the specifications on the prescription of client, but subsequently has to be remade, is not considered a remake.


PMDS offers a collection and delivery service through third party courier providers. PMDS is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged shipment and for any delays in receiving your shipment as a result of the courier provider, weather, transportation, acts of natural disaster, or any other situations out of our control.

In the event that the shipment is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed please contact PMDS. We will contact the courier provider and take action to resolve the situation. In case of loss or damage by courier, the client will allow 10 working days after the product was sent out for delivery, before the work is scheduled to be remade. Another 10 working days should be allowed to remake the work.

PMDS endeavours to deliver work on or before the delivery date specified by client. If, however, for any reason this has not been possible, PMDS will not compensate dentist’s fees, consequential losses or expenses of any kind.


Invoices are sent out to the client with each job. A statement will be supplied on a monthly basis. The dental practice, where the dentist issuing the prescription is based, is responsible for payment. However, PMDS may hold the dentist issuing the prescription responsible for payment at its discretion. All accounts must be settled within 30 days from date of invoice. All items supplied remain the property of the laboratory until payment is received.

PMDS may charge interest on any account that becomes 60 days overdue at a rate of 5% per month which will be applied to the total amount outstanding, including any previous interest charged. Any legal fees or other costs required to collect an unpaid balance may be charged to client.